Liferay Administrator

Liferay Administrator

This course covers all necessary topics for setting up and administering a Liferay DXP installation. For those using LXC-SM, Liferay’s PaaS for DXP, start with the Cloud Administrator course!


Go to market even faster by using Liferay Experience Cloud! LXC is a full SaaS offering that saves you time and money by managing and administering all your Liferay infrastructure for you so you can focus on delivering business solutions.

We recommend that all prospective Liferay administrators, regardless of your deployment paradigm (SaaS, PaaS, or on-prem), go through the Configuration and Users/Accounts/Organizations course to have a baseline understanding of how these concepts work.

Learn the ins and outs of working with Liferay Experience Cloud - Self-Managed.

Learn how to get started configuring Liferay DXP.

Learn how Users, Accounts, and Organizations can be used to deliver for your needs on Liferay DXP.