Liferay Administrator

Liferay Administrator

Is your Liferay instance installed? Now what? Whether you’re on LXC, LXC-SM, or self-hosted, this course covers administering your Liferay installation. You’ll learn

  • The difference between System Settings, Virtual Instances, and System Settings
  • How to make Liferay send notification emails
  • The difference between Accounts and Users, and how to import them
  • How Organizations help you manage your users and sites
  • How Roles apply permissions to users
  • How Accounts can manage user access
  • How to work with personal data to comply with GDPR and user data requests
  • If you’re self-hosted, how to cluster Liferay
  • How to tune authentication, password policies, and account management
  • Single sign-on with SAML
  • How to secure web services
  • How to create OAuth 2.0 profiles for access to web services
  • How to filter JavaScript out of user-submitted HTML

Dive in and begin creating a website for Delectable Bonsai, a (fake) company that combines the (fictitious) health benefits of Bonsai tree sap with maple syrup to create an unbeatable breakfast experience!

What are you waiting for? Start by creating your Liferay configuration.

Learn how to get started configuring Liferay DXP.

Learn how Users, Accounts, and Organizations can be used to deliver for your needs on Liferay DXP.

Learn how to manage user data.

Learn how to configure a Liferay cluster.

Learn how to secure your Liferay environment.