Setting Roles and Permissions

Setting Roles and Permissions

In Liferay, users receive permissions based on assigned roles. See Understanding Roles and Permissions to learn more.

Assigning Users to Roles

Give the IT manager the administrator role.

  1. Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelRoles. Under the Regular Roles tab, click Administrator.

  2. In the new page, click the Assignees tab.

    • Click Add (Add icon).
    • In the new window, select Marcus Morgan.
    • Click Add.

    Marcus now has the administrator role.

Note, you can also assign users roles from the edit user page (e.g. See Creating Users for Kyle Klein.).

Creating Roles

Employees at Delectable Bonsai need different permissions based on their work. For example, those in the Sales & Marketing department need access to their organization site blog. They also require access to documents and media for their marketing campaigns.

  1. Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelRoles. Click Add (Add icon) under the Regular Roles tab.

  2. In the new window, enter the following information:

    • Title: Sales & Marketing Staff
    • Description: Staff member of sales & marketing

    Click Save.

  3. Click on the Define Permissions tab.

    • Scroll down the left navigation and navigate to Site and Asset Library AdministrationContent & DataBlogs.

    • Add the following permissions:

      Resource Permissions - Blog Entries

      • Add Entry
      • Subscribe

      Resource Permissions - Blog Entry

      • Add Discussion
      • Update
      • Update Discussion
      • View
    • Click Save.

  4. Still under Content & Data, click Documents and Media. Add the following permissions:

    General Permissions

    • Access in Site and Asset Library Administration
    • View

    Resource Permissions

    • Select all actions for Documents, Documents Folder, Document, Shortcut, Document Type, and Metadata.

    Click Save. The different permissions are now set for the new role.

  5. We can now assign users to this role.

    • Click the Assignees tab.
    • Click Add (Add icon).
    • In the new window, select Lily Lewis and click Add.

    Now Lily Lewis, or others with this role, have access to documents and media through the site administration menu. They can also view and add blog posts in the sales & marketing organization site.

    Lily Lewis has access to documents and media.

The next step is creating and managing accounts.

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