Users, Accounts, Organizations, and Permissions

Users, Accounts, Organizations, and Permissions

With your Liferay DXP environment configured and up and running, it’s time to start creating users, organizations, and accounts.

You’ll create four user accounts assigned across two different organizations. Users must belong to their respective organizations and be assigned appropriate permissions.

The Delectable Bonsai organization chart shows the first four users.

Kyle Klein: An IT staffer tasked to help his company, Delectable Bonsai, configure Liferay as their digital experience platform.

Marcus Morgan: An IT manager and Kyle’s boss.

Lily Lewis: An account manager for Marvelous Markets and staff member of Delectable Bonsai’s Sales and Marketing department.

Noah Norman: A store manager for Marvelous Markets NYC and the order approver for his staff who places orders from Delectable Bonsai.

The next step is creating the users. Ready?

Let’s Go!