Creating Organizations

Creating Organizations

Use Liferay to model Delectable Bonsai’s organizational hierarchy. See Understanding Organizations to learn more.

Parent and Child Organizations

  1. Create a top level organization.

    • Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelUsers and Organizations.
    • Click the Organizations tab.
    • Click Add (Add icon).
    • Enter Delectable Bonsai in the Name field.
    • Click Save.
  2. Create a child organization.

    • Click Back (Back icon) to return to the list of organizations.
    • Click on the Delectable Bonsai organization you just created.
    • Click Add (Add icon) and select New Organization.
    • Input IT in the Name field. Note that under the parent organization section, Delectable Bonsai is selected.
    • Click Save.
  3. Create another child organization called Sales & Marketing under the Delectable Bonsai parent organization using the steps above.

  4. The organizational hierarchy should look like the image below.

    The parent organization has two child organizations.

Assigning Existing Users to Organizations

The IT manager and IT staff are not part of any organization. Edit their user accounts to assign them to the IT organization.

  1. Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelUsers and Organizations.

  2. From the list of user accounts, click on Kyle Klein. Click Organizations in the left navigation.

  3. Click Select and a new window pops up. Click Choose for the IT organization. Click Save.

  4. Follow the same steps to add Marcus Morgan to the IT organization.

Adding New Users to Organizations

New users can also be added within organizations.

  1. Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelUsers and Organizations.

    • Click the Organizations tab.
    • Click Delectable Bonsai.
    • Click Options (Options icon) for the Sales & Marketing child organization.
    • Click Add User.
  2. Add the following user:

    • Screen Name: lily
    • Email Address: [email protected]
    • First Name: Lily
    • Last Name: Lewis
    • Job Title: Account Manager

    Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Organizational Sites

Next, create an organization site for the Sales & Marketing department to host an internal blog. See Organization Sites to learn more.

  1. Navigate back to Organizations and click the Delectable Bonsai organization.

  2. Click Options (Options icon) for the Sales & Marketing child organization and click Edit.

  3. In the left navigation, click Organization Site.

    • Click the toggle to create the site.
    • Click Save.

    A new organization site has been created.

  4. Click on your profile image at the top right. Click My Sites.

    Click on My Sites from the profile image.

  5. Click the All Sites tab. Click the Sales & Marketing site you just created. Note, the site is empty until some content is added to it.

  6. Click the Product Menu icon (Product Menu icon) in the top left. Under Site Builder, click Pages.

  7. Click Add (Add icon) and select Page.

    • Click Blank to create a blank page.
    • Give the page the name Sales & Marketing Blog.
    • Click Add.
  8. In the left navigation, click Plus (Plus icon) to see the Fragments and Widgets tools.

    • Click the Widgets tab.
    • Add a Blogs widget by dragging it onto the page. The widget is in Collaboration.
    • Click Publish.
  9. The Sales & Marketing organization site now has a page with Sales & Marketing blog postings for anyone that is part of the child organization to view. See Getting Started with Blogs to learn more about blogs and blog entries.

The next step is to assign different roles and permissions to each user.

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