Organization Sites

Organization Sites

Liferay Organizations enable distributed User management, providing a convenient way to organize and manage instance users and roles to reflect your organizational hierarchy. Once an organization is created, you can also enable a dedicated Site for your Organization to facilitate distributed portal administration. This feature is available for both parent and child Organizations, so you can quickly create a hierarchy of Sites with content created, administered, and tailored specifically to each group’s needs.

Creating an Organization Site

Follow these steps to create an Organization Site:

  1. Open the Global Menu, and go to Control PanelUsersUsers and Organizations. Then, click on the Organizations tab.

  2. Click on the Actions button (Actions Button) for an existing Organization, and select Edit.

    Select Edit.

  3. Under General settings, go to Organization Site, and toggle the Create Site button.

    Toggle the Create Site button.

  4. Click on Save.

This creates a new blank Site with your Organization’s Users and general information.

Organization Site Users and Roles

When you create an Organization Site, your Organization’s Users are automatically assigned to it with implicit Site roles that correspond to their Organization roles. For example, Organization Users are functionally equivalent to Site Members, possessing basic Site privileges, while Organization Administrators function as Site Administrators and can manage Site pages, widgets, and content. See Organization Roles and the Default Roles Reference for more information.