Configuring System Settings

Configuring System Settings

LXC-SM or Self-hosted

System settings apply across instances, sites, or widgets. Settings made here apply across your entire environment. Some of these cannot be changed at lower scopes (for example, configuring antivirus) and some become defaults that can be overridden at lower scopes. See System Settings to learn more.

System Settings in LXC

System settings are not accessible in LXC. Contact Liferay Cloud support to configure system settings.

System Settings in LXC-SM and Self-hosted

Liferay supports ClamAV, an open source antivirus solution. You can configure ClamAV antivirus software in system settings.


Follow the ClamAV Documentation to install and run ClamAV on the platform you plan to use with your Liferay environment.

  1. Navigate to Global Menu (Global Menu) → Control PanelSystem Settings.

  2. Under security, click Antivirus.

  3. In the left navigation, click Antivirus Clamd Scanner.

  4. Enter the settings.

    • Hostname or IP Address - The server name or address running the ClamAV service.
    • Port - The port number for the ClamAV service.
    • Socket Connection SO Timeout Time - A time in milliseconds after which the connection is invalid.

    Enter the settings of your ClamAV environment.

  5. Click Update. Your Liferay environment now scans uploaded files with ClamAV. To see how this works, see the relevant concepts below.

The next step is configuring virtual instances.

Relevant Concepts