Introduction to the Admin Account

Introduction to the Admin Account

The Admin User account is created by default in any new installation of Liferay DXP and has full permissions to modify every facet of a Liferay DXP instance. The Admin User can create, modify, and delete Sites, Users, pages, and perform all Site administrative tasks.

Accessing Liferay DXP as the Admin User

  1. Open a browser to http://localhost:8080.

  2. Click the Sign In link.

    Sign In Link


    If a Liferay DXP bundle is being used, you may be presented with the Setup Wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Admin user.

  3. Enter the default admin credentials to log in.

    • Email address:
    • Password: test

    It is highly recommended that the default login credentials be updated when starting a new Liferay DXP installation.

Configuring the Admin User

Changing the Login Password

  1. Click the User Avatar and navigate to Account SettingsPassword.

  2. Enter your Current Password and provide a new password.

    Setting a Password

Changing Account Information

  1. Click User AvatarAccount Settings.

    Account Settings

  2. In the Information tab, change or add User information as needed.

    Account Information

Signing Out

To log out of your account:

  1. Click User AvatarSign Out.

    Signing Out

Creating a New Admin User

Now that you know how to log in, we strongly recommend that you create a new admin User for everyday use.

To create a new admin account follow these steps:

  1. Create a new User. See Adding Users to learn how.

  2. Click the Roles link in the left navigation pane (on the Edit User page under General).

    Click the Roles link to edit the User's Roles.

  3. Click Select beside Regular Roles.

  4. Select the Administrator Role from the list (click Choose). The dialog box disappears and the Role is added to the list of Roles associated with your account.

The User is now a portal administrator. Log out and then log back in with your new User account.

What’s Next

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