Running Liferay for the First Time

Running Liferay for the First Time

Once you’ve installed Liferay DXP/Portal and configured a database for it, it is ready to run.

Start the Server

  1. Run the startup script bundled with your application server. Tomcat bundle example:


    By default, DXP writes log files to [Liferay Home]/logs.

    The Setup Wizard appears in your web browser at http://localhost:8080.

    On completing startup, DXP launches a web browser that displays the Basic Configuration page.

  2. Set your portal’s Name, Default Language and Time Zone.

  3. Set the Administrator User first name, last name, and email address.

  4. In the Database section, click Change to display the database form.


    DO NOT use HSQL in production-grade Liferay DXP instances.

    The Setup Wizard's database form lets you specify the database you created for DXP.

  5. Specify your database.

Field Description
Database Type Select the database type to connect to
JDBC URL Update the path to the database that you have created for Liferay DXP
User Name Database user name
Password Database user password

     6. Regarding Sample Data: If you’re creating a production-grade DXP instance or otherwise don’t need the data, leave the sample data field unselected. The sample data includes Users, Sites, and Organizations for demonstration purposes.

     7. Click Finish Configuration.

The Setup Wizard stores your configuration values in a file in your Liferay Home.

If you have a Liferay DXP Enterprise subscription, DXP requests your activation key. See Activating Liferay DXP.

Lastly DXP prompts you to restart your server.

Restart the Server

Restart your server using the shutdown and startup scripts bundled with your application server. Tomcat example commands:





DXP initializes using the database and portal configuration values you specified in the Setup Wizard. The DXP home page appears at http://localhost:8080.

Once you've configured DXP and restarted the server, the DXP home page appears and is ready for you to sign in!

Congratulations! You have launched your on premises Liferay DXP instance.

Next Steps

You can sign in as your administrator user and start building a solution on DXP/Portal. Or you can explore additional setup topics: