Creating Knowledge Base Articles

Creating Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge Base app contains everything you need to create a repository of articles. You can create articles by authoring them in the app’s WYSIWYG editor or by importing them from Markdown files (.markdown, .md) in a ZIP archive. The sections below cover both ways of creating articles.


To access Knowledge Base in Site Administration, a Role must have the permission Knowledge Base > Access in Site Administration. To add or act on articles, folders, or suggestions, the Site administrator must grant the appropriate permissions using the Permissions window in Knowledge Base.

To navigate to the Knowledge Base app, click the Menu icon (Menu icon) and navigate to Content and DataKnowledge Base. The Knowledge Base app has three tabs:

Articles: Create and manage articles and folders.

Templates: Create and manage templates.

Suggestions: Manage user-submitted feedback for articles.

The Knowledge Base app has different sections accessed by tabs.

Authoring Articles in the Editor

  1. In the Articles tab, click the Add icon (Add icon) and click Basic Article.

    A new window pops up for you to write your article

  2. Enter a title for the article. A URL-safe version of the title you provide is added to the end of the article’s friendly URL. You can manage the friendly URL in the Configuration section’s Friendly URL field.

  3. Use the WYSIWYG editor to create the article’s content. To view or edit the article’s HTML source, click the Source button in the editor. Use the sections below the editor to add attachments and tags, specify related assets, and set the article’s permissions. By default, View permission is granted to the Guest role, meaning anyone can view your article.

  4. Click Publish to submit the article for publication or click Save as Draft to continue working on it later. Note that if you’ve enabled workflow for the Knowledge Base, your article must be approved before publication.

Once the article is saved, it’s converted automatically to HTML for the Knowledge Base. Articles appear in a table in the Articles tab.

Importing Knowledge Base Articles

You can also create new Knowledge Base articles by importing them from a ZIP archive that contains articles in the Markdown format (.markdown, .md). For example, you could write articles in your favorite Markdown editor, package them in a ZIP file, and then import that ZIP file to create those articles in the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base can also prioritize articles by their filenames’ numerical prefixes. For example, the Knowledge Base would list 01-article.markdown and 02-article.markdown in ascending order by their numerical prefix (01, 02). For more information on article priority, see Managing Knowledge Base Articles for detailed information on the Knowledge Base importer:


To import articles, your Role must have the permission Knowledge Base → Resource Permissions: Import Articles.

To import articles into the Knowledge Base,

  1. In the Articles tab, click the Add icon (Add icon) and click Import.

    Upload your ZIP file on this new page.

  2. Click Choose File and locate the ZIP file to import.

  3. If you want to use the files’ numerical prefixes to prioritize the imported articles in the Knowledge Base, select Apply numerical prefixes of article files as priorities.

  4. Click Save when you’re finished.

Like all articles, imported articles are automatically converted to HTML for the Knowledge Base and listed in a table with the rest of the articles in the Articles tab.