Knowledge Base Templates

Knowledge Base Templates

Templates give authors a starting point with default headers or other content for articles. Templates help foster consistent formatting and content organization for articles. You can create and manage templates from the Knowledge Base app in Site Administration.

To navigate to the Knowledge Base app, click Menu (Menu icon) and navigate to Content and DataKnowledge Base.

Access templates in the app's Templates tab.

Creating Templates

  1. Click the Templates tab.

  2. Click Add (Add icon). This brings up the New Template form.

    A new form opens to create a template.

  3. Enter a title for the template.

  4. Use the WYSIWYG editor to create the template’s content. To view or edit the article’s HTML source, click the Source button (</>) in the editor. You can also set the template’s permissions via the form’s Permissions section.

  5. Click Publish to finish creating the template.

Managing Templates

Each template appears in a list in the Templates tab. You can take the following actions on each template via its Actions icon (Actions):

Click on the actions icon for different options.

View: Display the template. From here, you can print the template, use it to create an article, edit it, modify its permissions, or delete it.

Edit: Change the template’s title and content.

Permissions: Configure the template’s permissions. You can choose whether a Role can change permissions, update, view, or delete the template.

Delete: Remove the template from the Knowledge Base.