Collaboration and Social Overview

Collaboration and Social Overview

Liferay DXP empowers users to build robust communities with flexible, social, and extensible collaborative applications.

Out-of-the-box features include:

Message Boards

The Message Boards app is a platform for content-rich discussions and provides tools for moderation, subscriptions, and thread management.

Figure 1: The Message Boards app is fantastic for facilitating discussions.

To begin using the Message Board app to build a forum, see the Getting Started with Message Boards article.


DXP includes a full-featured Wiki application that provides a rich writing environment, article versioning, and support for multiple wiki nodes. Wikis in DXP are completely integrated with the portal’s user management, tagging, and security features.

Figure 2: The Wiki widget displays your wiki on a Site page.

To begin creating a wiki, see the Getting Started with Wikis article.

Social Tools

The following social applications are included with Liferay DXP:

These tools are building blocks for building an integrated, social experience for users. Activities provides a configurable feed of the actions users take on a site. Contacts Center allows users to search, view, and establish social relations with other users.

Figure 3: The Activities widget tracks user activities.


The Invite Members widget lets Site Administrators send invitations to join the Site. When Users confirm such invitations, they become Site members assigned to the Roles defined by the site administrator. Click to learn more about Site Membership.

Figure 4: Inviting members to a site.

Once the user has been invited, they can confirm or ignore the request.

Figure 5: Confirming a request to join a site.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base app can be used to display professional product documentation or form complete books or guides. Content writers can use multiple formats, including markdown. Furthermore, Knowledge Base are integrated with the workflow engine so content editors can review and approve articles before publication.

Figure 6: The Knowledge Base widget can also be used to publish articles.