Using the Page Menu Widget

Using the Page Menu Widget

The Page Menu widget presents links that can include links to other Wiki Pages,other DXP site pages, Documents and Media assets, external websites, and more. Once you’ve added the widget to a Page, you need to configure which Wiki Page it uses and its sources for links. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the widget’s Options icon (Actions Button) and select Configuration.

    Click on Options to configure the Page menu widget.

  2. In the modal window’s Setup tab, select a Wiki Node and Wiki Page. This determines which page is used as the source of the links.

    In the Setup, select the Wiki Node and Wiki Page.

  3. Click Save to update the widget and close the modal window.

    Once your configuration is saved, the widget displays any links added to the specified Wiki page.

    The modal window closes, and the configured Page Menu is displayed.