Creating Wiki Pages

Creating Wiki Pages

The Wiki widget starts with a default wiki page called FrontPage. Users can edit this page to make their first wiki page.

By default, only authenticated users have the ability to create Wiki articles; guests must sign in first.

Creating Content on the FrontPage

  1. Navigate to the site page where the Wiki widget is deployed.

    The Wiki Widget with no content

  2. To modify the FrontPage, click the This page is empty. Edit it to add some text. link in the box.

  3. Tne default text editor uses Creole. To switch the format, expand the Configuration section.

    Changing the Text Format

  4. Select a new format (HTML) then click OK to accept the change.

  5. Enter the article’s content.

Uploading an Attachment

Users can attach files to wiki pages.

  1. To add attachments, expand the Attachments section.

  2. Drag and drop a file to upload or use the Select Files button to navigate to the file’s location.

    Uploading an attachment


You can enable automatic antivirus scanning to scan files on upload. For details, please see Enabling Antivirus Scanning for Uploaded Files.

Users can add a tag to a page. If searching for content using this tag (for example, Toyota), all posts with the Toyota will be returned faster.

  1. Expand the Categorization section.

  2. Click the Select button to select an existing tag. Alternately, create a new tag by entering the tag name in the Tags field and clicking Add. See the documentation on tags for more information.

  3. Click Publish when finished.

Publishing the FrontPage page

The FrontPage article has been created.

Creating Child Pages

Once the FrontPage Page has been created, users can create a Child Page. This creates a simple parent-child hierarchy of wiki pages. A Wiki Child Page could have child articles of its own even as it also belongs to a parent page. To create a Child Page, click Add Child Page.

Add a child page

It opens the same Wiki page editor.

The Wiki Page editor is the same for all pages at all levels.

Creating Other Top Level Pages

As noted above in the Creating Child Pages, future wiki pages are created as child pages for organizational purposes. To create another top-level page:

  1. Click the All Pages tab.

  2. Mouse over the Wiki widget’s menu and click Add Page.

    Add another wiki top level page

This opens the same Wiki page editor.

A Wiki widget can have multiple top-level pages; while the main Wiki widget displays only the FrontPage wiki page, site content creators can use the Wiki Display Widget to display the other top-level pages.

Using the Wiki Display Widget to display other top-level pages

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