Using the Questions App

Available: Liferay DXP/Portal 7.3+

The Questions app is a new UI of the Message Boards application, focused on presenting a question and answer format. The Questions app allows the creation of,

Topics: Themes where questions are categorized Questions: A question inside the app Answers: An answer to a specific question

When questions are created, Tags can also be used to help others find relevant content.

Adding a Questions App to a Site

To add the Questions app to a Site,

  1. Navigate to the site page where the app is desired.

  2. Click on the Add icon (Add icon) at the top right of the page.

  3. Locate the app under the Collaboration section of widgets. Drag the app to the page.

    Locate the Questions app listed under the Collaboration section.

After adding the Questions app to a Site, topics can be created and users can begin asking and answering questions.

Creating Topics

  1. Click the New Topic button.

    Click on the new topic button to create a new topic.

  2. Give your new topic a title and description and click the Create button.

    Type a title and description for this new topic.

    You can create as many different topics as you like.

Asking Questions

  1. Once you’ve created a topic, you can begin asking questions. Click on the Ask Question button to create a new question.

    Click on the Ask Question button to create a new question.

  2. A new window appears for your question. Fill in the title and body. Add optional tags to your question.

    Fill in the form with a title and body.

    To finish, click the Post Your Question button.

Answering Questions

  1. Users can view existing questions and give their replies. To give an answer, click on an existing question.

  2. Type your answer into the Your Answer box and click the Post Answer button.

    Type your answer and click the Post Answer button

  3. The answer is visible to everyone who views the question.

    The answers are visible below the question.

Managing Answers

Once a question has been answered, those answers can be managed in the following ways:

Rating: You can give the answer a rating using the up or down arrows.

Sort: You can use the tabs to sort answers by Active, Oldest, or Votes.

Reply: Other users can reply to a given answer.

Delete: Users can delete their answers.

Mark as answer: The user who asked the question can mark an answer as the correct or most helpful response.

Click on mark as answer to mark a response as the correct answer.

Edit: Users can edit their answers.

Searching Questions

There are a few different ways to search for questions:

There are additional features for searching for questions.

Filter By: Filter the different questions based on criteria such as date and most votes.

Search: Search through different questions by typing keywords into the search bar.

Tags: Filter questions based on tags. Click the Tags tab to see the available tags and their associated questions.

Click on the tags tab to see all tags.

Subscriptions to Topics and Questions

You can subscribe to both topics and questions to receive in-site and email notifications for updates.

To subscribe to a topic, click the Subscribe button below the topic title bar.

Click on the subscribe button to subscribe to a topic.

To subscribe to a question, click the subscribe bell button next to the question. When you ask a question, you’re automatically subscribed to it.

Click on the subscribe bell button to subscribe to a question

To view your subscriptions, click on the My Subscriptions tab. A list of all the topics and questions you are subscribed to appears.

Click on the My Subscriptions tab to see all the things you are subscribed to.

My Activity

You can track your use of the Questions app by clicking on the My Activity tab.

Click on the My Activity tab to track their use of the Questions app.

Here is displayed your ranking, the number of questions they have asked, and a list of each of these questions.

What’s Next