Default Site Applications

Default Site Applications

All sites include the below core applications for building personalized digital experiences. You can access them via the Product Menu (Product Menu). The Product Menu can also include custom applications created with objects. See Creating Objects for more information.


When you use an application in a site, the application’s data is restricted to the site and cannot be shared with other sites. However, you can use asset libraries to make some asset types available to multiple sites. See Asset Libraries for more information.


Application Description
Style Books Define site style rules for implementing a consistent design across your site.
Fragments Create and manage fragments and fragment sets for building content pages and templates (i.e., masters, pages, display pages).
Templates Create information templates and widget templates to implement a consistent style for page widgets and information items (e.g., web content, blogs, etc.).
Page Templates Create master page templates to design the primary layout used for creating content pages and content page templates. Master templates determine the page’s header, footer, and permitted fragments. Create page templates to design reusable page layouts based on a master template. Create display page templates to design layouts for displaying your content at a dedicated URL.

Site Builder

Application Description
Pages Add content pages or widget pages to a site and manage site hierarchies.
Navigation Menus Create custom menus for site pages and content that you can display in site pages.
Collections Create sets of content items that you can filter and display in site pages.

Content & Data

Application Description
Kaleo Forms Admin Create and manage Kaleo forms for a site.
Web Content Create and manage web content articles, structures, and templates for the site.
Blogs Create and manage blog entries and images for the site.
Documents and Media Upload and manage documents and other media assets for the site.
Dynamic Data Lists (Deprecated) Create and display forms using defined field sets.
Forms Create and manage site forms for gathering user data (e.g., feedback, job application).
Knowledge Base Create and display official documentation for a site.
Message Boards Create and manage site message boards to facilitate communication and collaboration.
Wiki Create and manage wiki nodes and articles for the site.
Translation Processes Manage translation processes for site pages and content.


Application Description
Categories Define categories and vocabularies for grouping and organizing site content.
Tags Define public keywords for tagging site assets.

Recycle Bin

Application Description
Recycle Bin Manage recycle bin content for the site. By default, the recycle bin is enabled instance-wide, but you can disable it at any time for individual sites.


Application Description
Memberships View and manage site membership for users, organizations, and user groups.
Teams Create teams for quickly assigning and managing site permissions for users.
Segments Create segments for grouping site users based on shared properties (e.g., language, job title).


Application Description
Site Settings Access configuration options for the site.
Redirection Add and manage HTTP redirects and track 404 errors.
Workflow Design and enable custom workflows for guiding the review and approval process for content publishing.


Application Description
Staging Configure staging for your site. Once staging is enabled, you can also review, manage, and initiate publish processes.
Export Export site pages and content in as a LAR file.
Import Import site pages and content from a LAR file.