Configuring Form Notifications

Configuring Form Notifications

You can configure the Forms app to send a notification email each time a form entry is submitted. If you have enabled workflow for the form, you may not need to configure the Forms app to generate a notification.

To configure Form email notifications:

  1. Open the Product Menu (Product Menu) then click the compass icon (Compass) on the Site Administration menu. Select the site that the form is associated with.

  2. Click Content & DataForms.

  3. Select a form (for example, Guest Survey Form).

  4. Open the form’s Form Settings section by clicking the Options button (Options) and selecting Settings.

    Form Settings

  5. Click the Email Notifications tab.

  6. Enable the option Send an Email Notification for Each Entry.

    Configure email notifications each time a form entry is submitted.

  7. Enter the following:

    From Name: The sender’s name. This could be the Site name, the form name, or anything else informative to the recipient.

    From Address: The sender’s email address. You can use, so that recipients don’t try to reply.

    To Address: The recipient’s email address (e.g., Enter multiple To Addresses using a comma-separated list.

    Subject: The email’s subject.

  8. Click Done then close the dialog window.