Form Reports

Form Reports

Available: Liferay CE/DXP 7.3

Once users begin submitting form entries, you can access a field-by-field report on the form’s records:

  1. Navigate to the Forms application. In the Product Menu (Product Menu), go to Content & DataForms.

  2. Click the form’s Name to open the form builder view.

  3. Click the Entries tab. The first datum presented is the count of all entries currently submitted.

    The number of submitted entries is displayed at the top of the Entries screen.

    Field-by-field metrics are presented next. Scroll through the fields or click a specific field from the list on the right to jump to its metrics.

    This Rate It Select from List field has received mostly Good selections.


Form Reports shows you aggregated form data. To see each form entry individually, see Managing Form Entries.

Form Fields and Chart Types

The data presentation is different depending on the field type:

Field(s) Data Display Format Additional Information
Field List Number fields also include these summary statistics: Average, Maximum Value, Minimum Value, Sum
Select from List
Single Selection
Pie Chart None
Multiple Selection
Bar Graph Multiple Selection graphs are horizontal, where Grid graphs are vertical with grouped bars
Rich Text
No Metrics These fields don’t have metrics to report

Field Lists

The Color, Date, Number, and Text fields accept free-form data entry from the form’s users, so data can’t really be tabulated for these fields. Instead, they’re presented as a simple list of responses. However, since the number field includes validation to ensure that only numeric data are entered, some summary statistics are compiled: average, sum, minimum value, and maximum value.

Color field entries are displayed as a simple list of responses.

Pie Charts

The Select from List and Single Selection fields accept only one entry selected from a list of choices. A pie chart is displayed to show the proportion of users’ selections.

Single Selection entries are displayed in a pie chart.

Bar Graphs

The Multiple Selection field accepts multiple entries for one selection request (e.g., Select the toppings for your sandwich). The proportion of selections is displayed in a horizontal bar graph.

Multiple Selection entries are displayed in a horizontal bar graph.

The Grid field accepts a single entry for each of multiple related questions (e.g., Rate these Sylvester Stallone movies as Good, Bad, or No Opinion). The proportion of selections is displayed in a vertical bar graph, with bars grouped by question.

Grid entries are displayed in a vertical bar graph.

Show Partial Results to Form Respondents

Available: Liferay 7.4+

The Submissions tab of a Form’s Settings modal has a checkbox for Show Partial Results to Respondents. Enabling this setting allows respondents to view the current Forms Report data for the form.

Show in-progress form metrics to form respondents.

Enabling this setting triggers an Info message to the form respondent: Your responses will be visible to all form respondents. Avoid entering personal or sensitive data. The respondent can also check the box to submit that they understand the danger of submitting private information.

Warn respondents against submitting sensitive information.