Filtering and Sorting Web Content Articles

Filtering and Sorting Web Content Articles

By default, the Web Content application (Site MenuContent & DataWeb Content) shows a list of all the Web Content Articles you can access. When you work with many items, the filtering and sorting options can help you find and review this content list faster.

You can filter and sort the Web Content Articles from the Web Content application.

When viewing all assets, assets in a specific folder, or assets resulting from a Web Content search, you can use three different filter and sort options:

You can combine these filter and sort options. For example, if you choose the Mine filter along with the Draft and the sort by Modified Date filters, you obtain a list of your articles in Draft status ordered by modified date.

Filter by Navigation

When you filter by navigation, you filter all the Web Content you have permission to view, independently of where this content exists or what search keyword you use in the search field.

Filter Option Description
All All Web Content articles and folders.
Mine Items that the currently logged-on user last edited.
Recent Assets that have recently been modified. You cannot use the Order by option with this filter.
All All Web Content articles and folders.
Structures Filters Web Content articles based on Web Content Structure.

Using the Structures filter, you can filter the Web Content articles based on a specific Web Content Structure.

Filter by Status

When you use the Status filter, you filter the Web Content based on its publication status, using assets from the current Web Content folder or search keyword in the search field.

Filter Option Description
Any All assets in the Web Content folder, regardless of the asset publication status.
Draft All assets that have been saved but not published. This filter includes both draft assets, which have not yet been published, and new and unpublished versions of previously published assets.
Scheduled Unpublished assets with a scheduled date and time for publication.
With Approved Versions All published assets where the most recent version is not in the Draft or Expired status.
With Expired Versions All assets with at least one expired version. This filter includes Web Content where a published version expired before a new version was scheduled or published.

Order by

These options sort the screen content based on the selected criteria. You can use these after using one of the content filters to organize the assets list better.

Filter Option Description
Display Date Sorts assets by the last display date.
Modified Date Sorts assets by the last modification date.
Title Sorts assets alphabetically.

You can always change the sort order using the Reverse Sort Direction (Reverse Sort Direction) button next to the Filter and Order drop-down menu.