Introduction to Discounts

Introduction to Discounts

Discounts are price reductions you can apply to products and orders to offer incentives to customers. When creating a discount, you determine whether to reduce the set price by a percentage or flat rate and set the discount’s scope:

Discount Scope Description
Categories Applies to all products in a category.
Products Applies to selected products.
Product Groups Applies to all products in the same group.
Shipments Applies to shipping costs.
SKUs Applies to specified SKUs.
Subtotal Applies to order subtotals, usually before applying taxes and other fees.
Total Applies to order totals.

Once created, you can both determine which channels, accounts, and order types are eligible for receiving the discount and define rules to specify requirements for qualifying. By default, Commerce applies discounts automatically, but you can make them available to customers as coupon codes. Also, when configuring discounts, you can schedule when they take effect and expire.

See Creating Discounts to get started or Introduction to Pricing to learn how discounts contribute to Commerce’s pricing engine.

Coupon Codes

Regardless of the discount type you choose, you can ask users to enter a coupon code to qualify for the discount. After enabling a coupon code, you can share it through emails, newsletters, or ads.

Activate the Coupon Code feature and enter a coupon code for this discount type.

To accept coupon codes, you must add the Coupon Code Entry widget on a store’s Checkout page. The checkout page is available out-of-the-box on the Minium site.

Place the Coupon Code Entry widget on the Checkout page.

After applying the coupon code, you can view the updated prices in the order summary section.

You can view the updated prices in the order summary section.

Expiration Date

You can configure discounts to have expiration dates that coincide with promotional efforts.

Configure the expiration date for a discount to coincide with a promotion.

Discount Rules

You can define rules that specify requirements to qualify for a discount. There are three rules available out-of-the-box:

Rule Description
Cart Total Cart subtotal must meet a minimum threshold to receive the discount.
Has all of these products Orders must include all specified products in order to receive the discount.
Has one of these products Orders must contain at least one product from a list of specified products to receive the discount.

You can add discount rules in the Rules section. Developers can also implement new discount rules.

When using Has all of these products or Has one of these products rules, select which products in the catalog are eligible for the discount.

The available discount rule types.

Discount Levels

You can create discount levels for applying multiple discounts to products and orders. Commerce applies these discounts consecutively. See Using Discount Levels for more information.

Overriding Discounts

When editing price entries, you can set alternative discounts that override those set in the Discounts application. These discounts use the percentage type. However, they do not support rules or eligibility restrictions. If you want to maintain restrictions, do not use discount overrides.