The Checkout page contains the Checkout widget. It becomes active once a buyer clicks Checkout to submit an order. You can also implement a custom checkout step using extension points. See Implementing a Custom Checkout Step for more information.

When there's no active order, the Checkout widget is empty.

During the checkout process, there are steps to enter the buyer’s shipping and billing addresses, select a shipping method, and to review the order and confirm it.

Entering a Shipping Address

Enter a shipping address for the order.

Note that if the buyer checks the Use shipping address as billing address, this will skip the Billing Address page.

Selecting Shipping Method

Select the appropriate shipping method for the order.

Shipping methods available to a buyer are configured by changing Shipping Methods in Site AdministrationCommerceSettings -> Shipping Methods. See Using the Flat Rate Shipping Method for more information.

Entering a Billing Address

As noted above, this page appears only if the buyer’s billing address is different from the shipping address.

Enter a billing address for the order.

Viewing the Order Summary

View the details of the order before confirming it.

Confirming the Order

Confirm the order and go to the Order Details page to view the placed order.

When an order is confirmed, the order is ready for processing by the seller. See Order Life Cycle for more information.


The Checkout widget supports Liferay’s Adaptive Media out-of-the-box. See Serving Device and Screen Optimized Media for more information.

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