Personalizing Content with Segments

Personalizing Content with Segments

When used with Liferay DXP’s personalization features, the full power of Analytics Cloud’s Segments is realized. Personalization lets you target Liferay DXP content at specific Segments. For example, if you have a Segment for users in the finance industry, then you could use personalization to show them content on investing.

Note that like Analytics Cloud, Liferay DXP can contain Segments. Liferay DXP segments, however, are less powerful than those in Analytics Cloud. Analytics Cloud Segments are more powerful because of the comparatively greater computing power and resources that exist in the cloud.

Here’s a comparison of Segments in Liferay DXP and Analytics Cloud.

Liferay DXP Segments Analytics Cloud Segments
Based only on user data in DXP Based on user data from multiple sources (e.g., DXP, CSV files, etc.)
Created from session attribute and cookies Created from user interests and historical behavior
User identity comes from only one DXP site User identity is resolved from multiple DXP sites
Good for limited, short-term personalization Good for expansive, long-term personalization

For information on using Analytics Cloud Segments in Liferay DXP, see Using Analytics Cloud with User Segments. For information on personalization in Liferay DXP, see Personalizing Experiences.