Installing and Managing Apps

Installing and Managing Apps

You can add all kinds of functionality to your DXP installation by purchasing and installing apps. Apps are available in the Liferay Marketplace, and tools such as the App Manager are also available to help you manage apps in your installation.

Liferay Marketplace

Liferay Marketplace is a hub for sharing, browsing, and downloading apps. It can be used to browse or purchase apps to quickly add them to your installation. See Using the Liferay Marketplace for more information.

Use the Liferay Marketplace to quickly purchase and install apps to your DXP installation.

Once you have purchased an app, there are also a couple of options for how to download it to your installation. See Downloading Apps for more information.

Installing Apps

Apps can be installed to your DXP Installation either through the UI (including the Purchased Apps or App Manager screens in the Control Panel) or through the file system. Installing an app will require a server restart, so plan the installation accordingly. See Installing Apps for more information on both of these installation methods.

App Management

Once apps have been installed to your instance, you can manage them from there using the App Manager in the Control Panel. The App Manager provides an interface to browse, install, and uninstall all currently available apps.

Blacklisting Apps and OSGi Components

The blacklisting feature lets you designate apps or components as unavailable, preventing them from being used. See Blacklisting Apps or Blacklisting OSGi Components for more information.