Using Marketplace

Using Marketplace

Liferay Marketplace is a hub for sharing, browsing, and downloading apps. Marketplace leverages the entire Liferay ecosystem to release and share apps in a user-friendly, one-stop shop.

The Liferay Marketplace home page highlights new apps, lists apps by categories, and has search.

The Marketplace plugin makes the Marketplace available in the Control Panel. The plugin is built-in to the DXP Tomcat Bundle but it can be installed to DXP installations on application servers too. If you still need to install Marketplace in your installation, then see Appendix: Installing the Marketplace Plugin.

Visiting the Marketplace

Here’s how to enter the Marketplace from within DXP:

  1. In the Control Panel, navigate to AppsStore.

  2. Sign in with your account.


Purchasing apps requires that you have a account and agree to the Marketplace Terms of Use.

The Marketplace appears. It’s time to check out some apps.

Browsing Apps

Marketplace provides a familiar app store experience. Apps are in the center of the page, in the following sections:

  • Featured Apps: Liferay features a different set of apps each month.

  • New and Interesting: The latest apps added to Marketplace.

  • Most Viewed in the Past Month: The top 5 most viewed apps in the last month.

  • Liferay Subscription Apps: Apps available to enterprise subscribers only.

  • Templates and Themes: Apps for organizing site content and changing your site’s look and feel.

  • And app categories: Communication, Productivity, Security, and more.

Each section’s See All link lists all the apps for that section.

Each app category page, such as the Communication app page, lists the apps published to that category.

At the top of the page, you can search Marketplace in these ways:

  • Keywords
  • Category
  • Liferay (DXP) version
  • Price (free or paid)

At the bottom of the page, Weekly Stats lists the newest apps and latest updated apps, and shows a trend chart for app downloads and views.

Weekly stats shows lists new apps, app updates, and Marketplace activity trends.

Click an app to view details:

Click an app to see screenshots and app details.

Purchasing an App


In production-grade environments, only purchase apps via the Marketplace website. Apps purchased in the Control Panel download and install using auto deploy automatically; apps that aren’t designed for auto deployment can cause class loading issues and memory leaks.

Here are the app purchase steps:

  1. Click the Purchase (Free or Paid) button. You’re prompted to choose a purchase type.

  2. Choose a purchase type. You can purchase an app for your personal account or for a Liferay project associated with your company.

    A Liferay project is a space where teammates share apps they have purchased or developed. If you have the necessary permissions, you can also create a new project for your company.

  3. Accept the EULA and Terms of Service.

  4. Click Purchase to complete the transaction.

The app downloads and installs to Liferay DXP automatically. Congratulations! You know how to find, purchase, and install Liferay Marketplace apps.

Appendix: Installing the Marketplace Plugin

If you installed DXP on an application server, you must install the Marketplace plugin to access the Marketplace via the Control Panel.


If you are using the DXP Tomcat bundle, then the Marketplace plugin is pre-installed in your bundle.

Follow these steps to install the Marketplace plugin:

  1. Download the Marketplace plugin.

  2. Deploy the plugin (.lpkg file) by copying it to the deploy folder in Liferay Home or installing it using the App Manager.

The Marketplace is now available to use in the Control Panel.