Adding a Basic Web Content Article

Adding a Basic Web Content Article

Web content is one of the most practical and essential methods for creating site content. Web content articles can be displayed through widgets, Fragments, or display pages.

Each web content article is based on a structure that defines its available fields. Liferay includes the Basic Web Content structure out-of-the-box, but you can create your own. See Understanding Web Content Structures for more information.

Creating a Basic Web Content Article

  1. Open the Site Menu (Site Menu), and navigate to Content & DataWeb Content.

  2. Click on the Add button (Add icon) and select Basic Web Content.

    The Web Content administration page..

  3. Enter a title (required) for the new article and add the desired content to their respective fields.

    The edit screen for a new web content article.

  4. When finished, click Publish.

Congratulations! You have added a basic web content article to your Site. See Using the Web Content Display Widget for more information on displaying this article on a page.

Previewing Web Content Articles

You can preview your content using the selected default template or display page template before publishing, so you can make adjustments to ensure your content appears as intended to users.

Previewing a Web Content Article Using a Template

  1. In the properties tab, select a template to preview the web content article.

  2. Click Preview (Preview).

    The Default Template has a preview button that looks like an eye.


Only web content articles that have been published or saved as a draft can be previewed.

Previewing a Web Content Articles Using a Display Page

You can preview web content using a display page template from any site or asset library.

  1. In the properties tab, select a site and display page to preview the web content article.

  2. Select the Preview button.

    When you've selected a display page template, use the preview button in the properties tab.


Selecting the Preview button saves a draft of the web content article before displaying the preview.

Properties Tab

When creating or editing a Basic Web Content article, you can access the following options via the Properties tab in the sidebar menu:

Property Purpose Additional Notes
Basic Information Displays the structure the web content is based on, and a Summary field where you can enter a short description. The structure cannot be edited once the article is created. See Web Content Structures for more information.
Default Template Used to select which template to use to display this web content, by default. See Adding Web Content Templates for more information.
Display Page Template Used to select a Display Page Template for this article, if one is desired. See Creating and Managing Display Page Templates for more information.
Featured Image Used to select a small image to use as the article’s thumbnail. The image can come from a URL or uploaded from your system.
Metadata Used to set any tags or priority for the article. See Tagging Content for more information.
Friendly URL Used to set a custom friendly URL for this article.
Schedule Used to schedule a date to display or expire the article, if desired. See Scheduling Web Content for more information.
Search Used to set whether this article will be indexed for search.
Related Assets Used to select any related assets, if desired.
Permissions Used to set any permissions for Guests or Site Members, specific to the article. Click More Options to see who can view the article. See Roles and Permissions for more information.