Tagging Content and Managing Tags

Tagging Content and Managing Tags

Tags are keywords you can use to organize your assets and describe specific information about its content. Tags tell website visitors what the content is about so they can find relevant information through search or navigation. For more information about Tags in Liferay DXP and the different usage scenarios, see Organizing Content with Categories and Tags.

Tagging Content

Use the Categorization section in the sidebar panel to tag assets as you create new content.

  1. Create or edit the content you want to tag.

  2. In the sidebar panel, select the Properties tab.

  3. Under the Categorization section and Other Metadata subsection, click Select next to Tags.

    Access the Tagging options under the Categorization section of the sidebar panel.

  4. Select the tags you want to use from the list of existing tags and click Done.

  5. If you want to create new tags for the content, type the new tag in the Tags field and press Enter.

Managing Tags

You can manage Tags under the Categorization panel in the Site Navigation menu. From here, you can create new Tags or customize the existing ones.

Managing Tags is in the Site menu.


Only Site administrators can manage Tags in the Tags panel.

  1. Open the Product Menu and under the Site Menu, go to CategorizationTags.

  2. To create a new tag, click Add Tag (Add Tag).

  3. Type your new tag and click Save.


    Tags are all-lowercase.

  4. To edit an existing tag, click the Actions (Actions) menu next to the tag’s name and select Edit.

  5. If you want to merge one or more tags,

    1. Check the box next to the tags you want to merge and click Merge (Merge).

    2. Select the Tag where you want to merge in the Into This Tag dropdown menu.

    3. Click Save.

      You can merge two or more tags into a single one