Enabling Publications

Publications provides a convenient and flexible way for you and your teams to develop, track, and publish changes to your DXP instance. When enabled, Publications is activated globally and can be accessed anywhere to edit supported entities in your instance.


Staging and Publications cannot be enabled at the same time. If Staging is enabled on any of your Sites, you must first disable Staging before enabling Publications. See Disabling Local Live Staging and Disabling Remote Live Staging for more information.

How to Enable Publications

  1. Go to the Global Menu (Global Menu) and click on Settings under Publications.

    In the Global Menu, click on Settings under Publications.

  2. Set the toggle switch to Yes to enable Publications for your DXP instance.

  3. Click on Submit to save your configuration.

    Alternatively, you can click on Save and Go to Overview, which saves your configuration and redirects you to the Publications overview page.

    Set the Toggle to Yes and click on Submit or Save and Go to Overview.

Once enabled, you can access the drop-down Publications bar menu from any page in your DXP instance. You can use this menu to create new publications, select which publication you want to work on, switch between edit and production modes, and review and publish your select publication’s changes, either immediately or at a later time. See Creating and Managing Publications to learn about creating, editing, and removing individual publications.

How to Disable Publications

Once enabled, you can disable Publications at any time, via the Publications Settings page. Set the toggle switch to No and then click on Submit.


Once disabled, all active publications are deactivated, scheduled publications are canceled, and you can no longer access your publication history. DXP, however, retains your instance’s publication history, so you can access it again if you re-enable Publications.