Setting a Default Widget Template

You can change the widget template for individual widgets through their own configuration, however you can also configure a default widget template to apply to all widgets of a particular type. To do this, go to Control PanelSystem Settings. In System Settings you can find a configuration for every widget in Liferay DXP. Widgets that support widget templates have a Display Style Group ID and a Display Style option.

The widget template configuration in System Settings lets you change the display style.

  • Display Style Group ID: The Site ID where the widget template is located. For Global templates use 0 for the ID.

  • Display Style: The widget template’s key.


To enter a Display Style, you first need the Template Key for the template you want to use. To get the Template Key, go to the Application Display Template list for a given Site and retrieve it from the widget template listing. Then enter the display style as ddmTemplate_[template-key].

Default Widget Template Example

For example, configure the Language Selector widget templates like this:

  1. Open the HomeDesignWidget Templates.

  2. Click on the Add icon (Add) and select the option Language Selector Template.

  3. Open Details and find the Template Key - LANGUAGE-ICON-FTL

System Settings shows where you can find the Template Key.

Now that you have the ID, you can change the template from System Settings.

  1. Go to Control PanelConfigurationSystem Settings.

  2. Find Localization under the Platform heading and select Language Selector from the options on the left.

  3. In the Display Style field, enter ddmTemplate_LANGUAGE-ICON-FTL.

Now any Language Selector widgets are added to a page use the new defaults.


Setting a new default widget template does not affect any widgets that are already added to a page and have a configured widget template.