Adding a Page to a Site

The steps below describe how to add a new page to your Site and configure the general options. To learn how to configure the remaining page settings, see Configuring Individual Pages, or see Configuring Page Sets to configure options for a Page Set.

Adding a New Page

Follow these steps to add a page:

  1. Open the Global Menu ( Global Menu icon ), and then navigate to your desired Site on the right side of the menu.

    Select the desired Site after opening the Global Menu.

  2. Go to Site BuilderPages under the Site Menu.

  3. On the Pages page, click the Add button (Add), and then click Add Page.

    The Pages screen lets you edit your Site pages as a whole.


    Beginning in 7.3, the default home page is a Content Page; previously it was a Widget page.


    Alternatively, since Liferay DXP 7.3, you can click the page tree icon next to the Site name to open the Page Tree Menu. You can use the Page Tree Menu to quickly find a page by keyword in the search bar, navigate to a page by selecting it, or even add pages through the Actions Menu.

  4. Click the Blank Master Page Template to start a Content Page from scratch, select a custom Master Page Template to create a Content Page based on a template, or select another page type under the Other heading, such as a Widget Page, or a Page Template listed under the Global Template menu.

    You must select a page type when adding pages.

  5. Enter a Name, and click Add.

  6. Configure the remaining settings for the page, and then click Add to create the page.


    Creating a page by default also adds it to any Navigation Menus that are configured to have new pages added to them. See Managing Site Navigation for more information.

Adding a Child Page

To add a child page through the Page Tree Menu, follow these steps:

  1. Click ( Page Tree icon ) Page Tree in the Site Menu on the left side of the screen.

  2. Select Add Child Page from the Actions Menu ( Actions icon ) next to an existing page to create a nested child page for it.

    Adding a Child Page using the Page Tree menu.

  3. Follow the standard steps for creating a page, as outlined above.

To add a child page through the Pages screen, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Product Menu and go to Site BuilderPages under your Site’s menu.

  2. Click the Add button (Add) next to an existing page. You can also click the Add button (Add) in the top right of the Pages page to create a top-level page.

  3. Follow the standard steps for creating a page, as outlined above.