Using Forms with a Workflow

The Forms application is integrated with the Workflow application and therefore users can activate a workflow process for a form. This means that before a form’s entry is accepted, it must first be approved. To enable a workflow process for a Form, see Activating Workflow for Forms for more information.

Once workflow has enabled, the Submit button is replaced by Submit for Publication.

Submit for Publication is used.

When a user has submitted a form, users with review permissions are notified that a Form Record is ready for review.

Reviewers are notified.

To learn more about how to approve or reject submissions, see Reviewing Assets.

Reviewers have the option to approve or reject the entry.

Once a Form Record has been approved, it appears in the same Form Entries menu with the Approved status.

  1. Navigate to Site AdminstrationContent & DataForms.

  2. Click the Actions (Actions) button next to the selected form and select View Entries.

The Form Record has been approved

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