Using the Iframe Widget

Using the Iframe Widget

The Iframe widget creates an iframe that can embed and display a web page.

Setting Up the Iframe Widget

  1. Create a new page or start editing a content page.

  2. Click Add ( Add widget icon ) to open the Fragments and Widgets panel.

  3. Under the Sample category in the Widgets tab, drag the iFrame widget to a place on the page.

  4. Click Options ( Options icon ) at the top right of the widget → Configuration.

    Click on the configuration option.

  5. Enter the website URL you wish to embed in the Source URL field.

    Type the URL in the Source URL field.

    Click Save.

    Note that not all websites allow you to display their page in an Iframe widget.

Using the Iframe Widget

Using the Iframe widget is as simple as navigating any other typical website. Once you have finished setting up your widget, you can navigate to your page and view the embedded website.

The embedded website is now visible in the widget.

You can interact with the website from within the widget without ever having to leave your page.