Designing Object Views

Designing Object Views

Available Liferay 7.4+

Views define how entries appear in an object’s application page. Though each published object has an autogenerated view, you can create your own.

Design custom views for displaying object entries.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Global Menu ( Global Menu ), go to the Control Panel tab, and click Objects.

  2. Begin editing a custom object definition, go to the Views tab, and click Add ( Add Button ).


    System objects do not support custom views. See Extending System Objects for more information.

  3. Enter a name and click Save.

    Enter a name and click Save.

  4. Click the new view to begin editing it.

  5. In the Basic Info tab, check Mark as Default to set it as the default view for the object definition.

    This ensures the view is used for the object’s application page. If no custom layout is set as default, the object uses its autogenerated layout.

    Set the view as default.

  6. Go to the View Builder tab and click the Add button (Add Button).

  7. Check the fields you want to include in the view table and click Save.

    Each selected field becomes a column in the view table. Available options include both custom fields and default system fields (i.e., ID, Author, Creation Date, Modified Date, and Workflow Status). However, custom views do not support columns containing multiple entries (e.g., relationships tables from one-to-many or many-to-many relationships)

  8. Drag and drop fields to determine their order in the view table.

    Arrange the fields in any order.

  9. Click Save.

Once saved, the view table displays the selected fields. If desired, you can also rename and localize column display names, add a default sorting, and select which fields to use as table filters.

The view table only displays the selected fields.


For 7.4 U21+, you can duplicate a view by clicking its Actions button ( Actions Button ) and selecting Duplicate. This creates a complete copy of the original view with “(Copy)” appended to it’s name.

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