Using Organizations to Create a Sales Network

Using Organizations to Create a Sales Network

The organizational structure of B2B sales networks can be mirrored in Liferay Commerce using the Organizations feature. Organizations are hierarchical arrangements of Users that can model real-world organizational hierarchies that enable distributed and simplified management of Users, Roles, Permissions and Accounts.

When Organizations are used along with assigning permissions to Organization Roles, Users assigned to an Organization automatically inherit the role-based permissions that were defined for that Organization.

Organizations make user management simple. When a user in an organization is re-assigned or transfers to another organization, their roles and permissions automatically update based on their new organization membership. For a sales network, this means streamlined and secure access management to customer accounts.

Mirror Real-World Organizational Hierarchies

Organizing a sales network and accounts exactly as in the real world makes it easy for sales team members to navigate within Liferay Commerce. To learn more about creating and structuring organizations learn more here.

Define Account Management and Access With Organization Roles and Permissions

Assigning Roles with associated permissions to users specifies what they can and can’t do within the system. Liferay Commerce comes with several Organization Roles available out-of-the-box:

There are several Organization Roles available out of the box.

Assigning a collection of permissions to each role defines that role’s access within Liferay Commerce (which can then be applied to users). Some examples of permissions include: view sub-organizations (for example, Regions), account data or order history; manage orders, and assign Roles. For more on Permissions, see Defining Role Permissions.

Each role can have permissions defined for it.

Manage Long-Term Access With Organizational Membership

Managing Roles and Permissions long-term can be easily accomplished within Liferay Commerce by updating a user’s organizational membership (once Organizations, Roles and Permissions are set up and assigned).

By assigning or un-assigning an organization from a user, you can manage that person's access permissions.

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