Introduction to Liferay Commerce

Introduction to Liferay Commerce

Welcome to Liferay Commerce! Liferay Commerce is a digital commerce platform built from the ground up to meet the challenging and complex needs of any B2B organization. Using the enterprise foundation of Liferay DXP, Liferay Commerce has the power and flexibility of fully integrated web content management and industry leading portal capabilities. Click here to learn more about Liferay DXP.


Just want to get started? Launch Liferay Commerce fast using the Liferay Commerce Docker image.

Modern Storefront Pages and Content Management

Liferay Commerce includes a wide range of tools for setting up a storefront. New search tools, for instance, are designed specifically for product catalogs, while customizable widgets make it easy to add common UI elements, such as Checkout and View Cart, to a page. Learn more about Building a Storefront.

Liferay Commerce Dashboard

Multi-Channel Catalog and Product Information Management

Liferay Commerce contains a catalog management system that supports a variety of product types and stores a wide range of product data. Product options, pricing, images, and specifications are a few examples. Products are then readily available to a distribution channel of choice.

Product catalog

Channels connect catalogs and products to any place products are sold: a Liferay Commerce based storefront, third party marketplaces, or even back office phone sales.

Channels enabled for a product

Categories and Product Relationships simplify store navigation and increase revenue generating opportunities.

Product details and related products

Managing product pricing is flexible through the use of Price Lists and Tiered Pricing - all of which can be tailored to meet unique customer needs.

B2B Focused Account Management and Purchasing Workflow

Liferay Commerce is optimized for business-to-business transactions with features designed to address B2B needs. Accounts, Account Groups, and Account Roles work together to ensure that customer needs are met with tailored experiences, self-service, and purchasing workflows.

User role selection

Order Management and Sales

Liferay Commerce offers Order Management that enables buyers and sellers to prepare, place, approve, transmit, and fulfill orders.

Payments for orders may be completed with several different payment methods available out-of-the-box. Integration with more payment processors may be accomplished with additional customization.

Payment Methods page

Orders may be fulfilled using several different shipping methods: sellers can impose a flat rate, apply shipping method restrictions, or integrate with the carrier rates like FedEx.

ML Powered Recommendations and Alerts

Liferay Commerce applies machine learning and predictive analytics to enable suggested product groups, order forecasting down to the product level, smart loyalty score alerts, and personalized product recommendations.

APIs and Integrations

Integrate with other business systems through a Mulesoft connector, Talend component, or using pre-built connectors for Salesforce, SAP ERP (Coming Soon), or MS Dynamics NAV (Coming Soon).

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