Introduction to Promotions

Introduction to Promotions

You can create Promotions in Liferay to offer promotional pricing to all customers or a set of customers. A Promotion visually shows the difference between a product’s list price and its promotion price. This is useful to highlight the discount a customer is receiving and to support multiple prices for individuals or groups of customers.

A Promotion showing difference between a product's list price and its promotion price


Prior to Liferay DXP 7.4 U42/GA42, Promotion Price was called Sale Price.


You can define a promotional price for all or a specific set of customers by clicking the Eligibility tab and selecting the appropriate option. You can narrow down the Promotion based on the Account, Account Group, Channel or Order Type.

Use the Eligibility tab to narrow down your promotion to specific Accounts, Account Groups, Channels, or Order Types.


You can use the Entries tab to define Promotions for specific SKUs. Click the Entries tab, search for an SKU and click Select. Once selected, click on the SKU from the Entries section and add a Promotion Price. See Adding Entries for more information.

Price Modifiers

Price Modifiers can adjust the price of a range of products by a fixed amount or percentage. Price Modifiers makes it easy to maintain a Promotion by calculating the promotional price using the Product’s base price. If you have an entry as well as a Price Modifier that targets the same SKU, the price in the entry has precedence over the Price Modifier.

You can use Price Modifiers to target a Catalog, Category, Product Group or Product. The Price Modifier is applied to all Products in the Target group. This is unlike in the Entries section where you must target each SKU specifically. See Adding a Price Modifier for more information.

Promotions and Price Lists

Promotions are similar to Price Lists in functionality but they are used together to determine the discount price. See the diagram below to understand the calculation.

Calculation of a product's active price.

Once the active price of a Product is determined, Discounts are then applied on the active price. See Introduction to Discounts for more information.

If you want to offer special pricing to a customer that is lower than the usual price for other customers, you can use both Price Lists and Promotions but a Price List does not show the reduction in price. See the image below.

Comparison of a product's price with a Promotion and a Price List.

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