Using the Product Downloads Widget

Using the Product Downloads Widget

Liferay Commerce includes the Product Downloads widget to access and download digital assets purchased as Virtual Products.

Follow the steps below to use the Product Downloads widget.

  1. Click the Add button(Add) from the top menu.

  2. In the Widgets section, search for the Product Downloads widget.

    Search for the Product Downloads widget in the Widgets section.

  3. Drag and drop the widget to the desired area in your storefront.

    The Product Downloads widget is activated and ready for use.

This automatically activates the widget. Once a Virtual Product is purchased, the asset appears here, based on its Activation Status:

Configuration Effect on Visibility
Activation Status Determines the order stage at which the asset becomes available to download (i.e., Completed, Pending, or Processing).
Duration The number of days for which the asset is available to download.
Max Number of Downloads The number of times the asset can be downloaded for a single purchase.

The table above details the configuration options available to a Virtual Product. These options control the visibility of the product on the Product Downloads widget.

The asset becomes available to download based on the configured Activation Status.