Account Management

Account Management

The Account Management page is where Store administrators and Account Managers manage Users and Accounts. Users may be invited to the store and assigned account-specific roles (Buyer, Sales Manager, Account Manager, and Sales Agent). Accounts may also be created on this page.

If using Minium Accelerator to create sample data, there is a site Navigation Menu where the Account Management widget is located:

Minium Site Navigation


Starting from DXP 7.4, the Account Management Widget is a part of DXP. See Account Management Widget for more information.

Once deployed to the page, the Account Management widget lists all the accounts.

Account Management

New accounts may be created and users may be assigned to accounts.

New account creation

Account information like address, email address, and VAT number may also be added through the Account Management page.

Account information

Besides individual users, relationed organizations may be added to accounts.

Adding organizations to an account

Account specific roles may be assigned to users.

User role selection

New shipping or billing addresses may also be added to accounts using the Account Management page.

Adding addresses to an account