Data Control and Privacy

Data Control and Privacy

Analytics Cloud provides administrative tools for managing individual data and privacy. To access the tools, click SettingsData Control & Privacy.

Different tools are found in the data control and privacy section of settings.

Retention Period

By default, event data and inactive anonymous individuals are retained for 13 months. To change the retention period from 13 months to 7 months,

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select 7 months.

    A pop-up window shows a warning when changing retention.

  2. A warning window appears to confirm your change.

  3. Click Change Period to save.


You will permanently lose analytics data that has been recorded over 7 months ago when you make this change.

Request Log

Manage and control collected data of individuals with this tool. New requests can be made to access individual data, delete individual data, or suppress individual data. For example, someone may contact you requesting their collected data be shared or deleted.

To create a new request or view previous requests, click the Manage button.

Create a new request or view previous requests.

A log of previous requests appears. Use the filter function or search function to find a particular request. To download a ZIP file of a request, click the Download button of the request.

To create a new request,

  1. Click the Create Request button.

    A new window opens to create a new request.

  2. Select the Job Type. Selecting Access creates a downloadable file of all data collected related to the individual. Selecting Delete removes the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and places that individual on the suppressed list. Selecting Suppress stops further data collection of the individual.

  3. Input an email for the new request. A list of emails in a CSV file can also be uploaded.

  4. Click Save to process the request.

A log of previous requests can be downloaded by clicking on the Export Log button on the main page.

Click the Export Log button to download a log of previous requests.

Select a start date and an end date and click the Download button for a CSV log file.

Suppressed Users

Suppressing a user excludes them from further identity resolution activities. Note, a suppressed user is still considered an anonymous user and is still included in individual or segmented data. To view a list of suppressed individuals or to unsuppress an individual, click the Manage button.

View suppressed individuals or unsuppress individuals.

Search the list of suppressed individuals by entering an email address.

To unsuppress, locate the individual and click the Unsuppress button.

A list of suppressed individuals can be downloaded by clicking on the Export List button on the main page.

Click the Export List button to download a list of suppressed individuals.

Select a start date and an end date and click the Download button for a CSV list file.

Do Not Track Feature

According to GDPR and many data privacy laws, businesses are required to ask consent before collecting analytics data when visitors are browsing a website.

To suppress analytics data from being sent by a particular browser, set the following window variable with JavaScript on your site.

window['ac_client_disable_tracking'] = true

You must implement your own logic to persist user consent either by using a cookie or by saving and loading from your database. Please make sure that the window variable described above is set before the client page is fully loaded.

Visitors to your site can also choose to enable do not track from their browser. Learn more about the do not track setting in browsers. With this enabled no data is sent or collected by Analytics Cloud.