Troubleshooting Elasticsearch Installation

Troubleshooting Elasticsearch Installation

Liferay and Elasticsearch are complex systems full of configurations. When connecting them, you can run into difficulty along the way. Included below are techniques for troubleshooting.

To learn about some common issues and how to solve them, see

To troubleshoot the sidecar Elasticsearch server bundled with Liferay, see Troubleshooting the Sidecar/Embedded Elasticsearch.

Inspecting the Search Bar’s Elasticsearch Query

Liferay’s search infrastructure generates a large Elasticsearch request whenever users search from the Search Bar widget. To inspect the query sent to Elasticsearch, use the Search Insights widget. For more information see Search Insights.

Inspecting any Liferay-Generated Elasticsearch Query

To inspect any Elasticsearch query generated by Liferay, set the log level for to INFO level using the Server Administration Log Levels UI.


If you are on Liferay 7.1-7.2 and using the default bundled Connector to Elasticsearch 6, change the version number in the package name from 7 to 6.

Enabling Verbose SSL Logging

To troubleshoot encryption related issues, enable verbose SSL logging.

For Liferay, set in the Application Server’s JVM. In Tomcat the option is added to CATALINA_OPTS in


For Elasticsearch, add to the end of [Elasticsearch Home/]config/jvm.options.