Account Addresses

Account Addresses

Available 7.4+

Account Addresses are the billing or shipping addresses associated with a Business Account or a Person Account.

Adding an Account Address

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu). Navigate to Control PanelAccounts.

  2. Select an account by clicking its name, or click Options (Options icon) on the account and click Edit.

  3. Click the Addresses tab. Click the Add icon (Add icon) to add a new address.

  4. Fill out the add address form. Select whether the address is a billing address, shipping address, or both. Note that Name, Type, Country, Street 1, City, and Postal Code are required fields.

    Fill out the add address from.

    Click Save to save the address.

Editing an Account Address

  1. Under the Addresses tab, click the Options icon (Options icon) of the address and click Edit. Use the filter tool to filter addresses by billing addresses or shipping addresses. Use the search bar to locate a specific address quickly.

    Click the address's Options icon and click edit.

  2. Make your changes and click Save.

Setting Default Account Addresses

  1. Under the Details tab, click Set Default Address either under Billing or Shipping.

    Click Set Default Address under Billing or Shipping.

  2. A new window opens. Select an address from the list and click Save. Your default address is now set for the account.