Account Management Widget

Account Management Widget

Available 7.4+

The Account Management widget makes it easy to manage and access account information. Deploy the widget to any Page. This is a useful way to provide access for those without permission to view the Control Panel.

Adding the Account Management Widget to a Page

To add the Account Management widget to a page,

  1. Navigate to a Site page where the app is desired.

  2. Click the Edit icon (Edit icon) at the top right of the page.

  3. Locate the widget under the Accounts section of widgets. Drag the widget to the page.

    Locate the widget and drag it to the page.

  4. A list of Accounts should now be displayed by the widget.

Using the Account Management Widget

The Account management widget displays a list of different Accounts. Note that what is shown is dependent on the Accounts the current User can access. Click Filter and Order and filter the list or use the search bar to quickly locate a specific account.

The account management widget displays different accounts.

The widget displays the following information:

Name: The name of the Account

ID: The ID number of the Account

Organizations: Any organizations the Account is assigned to

Type: The type of Account (i.e. Business, Guest, Person)

Status: Whether the Account is active or inactive

Selected: The checkmark indicates the Account selected for the current Site

Note, when an Account User has access to multiple Accounts, the Selected checkmark indicates which Account the user is currently viewing or managing on the Site. This gives the ability to manage different settings for each Account such as price or order information.

Click on the Options icon (Options icon) of the account you want to edit or manage. The following choices are available:

Edit: Make changes to the Account

Manage Users: Manage the Account Users

Manage Organizations: Manage the organizations the Account is assigned to

Deactivate: Deactivate the Account

Delete: Delete the Account