Reusing Sets of Form Elements

Reusing Sets of Form Elements

Forms often request the same sets of information, such as name, birthday, and address. Rather than adding these fields for every new form, you can group elements as a set to be reused. Element Sets include the layout and configuration of the fields.

  • Forms created using an Element Set do not inherit changes that are made later to an Element set.

  • A simpler form of repeatability is achieved by simply dropping one or more form fields on top of another form field to create a Fields Group. Fields Groups are useful within a single form for managing the entire group (moving the group, deleting it, or duplicating it) at once.

    Field Grooups offer simpler field reusability and bulk management within a single form.

Creating Element Sets

To create an Element Set:

  1. Open the Product Menu (Product Menu) then click the compass icon (Compass) on the Site Administration menu.

  2. Select the site where the form will be created.

  3. Click Content & DataForms.

  4. Click the Element Sets tab.

    Element Sets Tab

  5. Click the Add button (Add).

The steps to create an Element Set are the same as creating a form. For demonstration, create an Element Set for users to submit their contact information.

  1. Enter the following:

    Name: Contact Information Description: Contact Information Element Set

  2. Click the Add Element button (Add).

  3. Drag and drop the desired Text and Numeric Fields and configure the labels accordingly.

  4. Click Save when finished.

The Element Set has been created and is ready for use.


You can use Element Sets to create Element Sets.

Using Element Sets

To use an Element Set in a Form:

  1. Open the Form Builder.

  2. Open the Elements sidebar by clicking the Add button (Add).

  3. Click Element Sets.

    Using Element Sets.

  4. Drag the Element Set onto the Form Builder, just like you would any single Form Element.

    Drag and drag the element set into the builder.

    Once the Element Set has been added to a form, the layout and individual elements can be configured and updated without affecting the base Element Set.

  5. Click Publish Form button when finished.