Customizing the Submit Button

Customizing the Submit Button

Available 7.4+

When a User is finished entering data into a form, they must submit the form. By default a button that says Submit is displayed for this purpose.

Sometimes Submit isn’t the clearest word for the action the User is taking when submitting the form. For example, you might want to use Register Now:

  1. Create a form with a text field called Email Address. Give it a name and publish it.

  2. Go to the form and see its Submit button:

    A User submits their form with the Submit button.

  3. Now change the button label. Go back to the form builder view and click the Settings icon in the upper right.

  4. In the Personalization tab, enter Register Now in the Submit Button Label field.

  5. Save the form, then go back to the form view and see that the button has your new label:

    The button label can be customized.

Localizing the Button Label

Forms are translatable. If you have a translated form and you’re customizing the form label for the default language, you should translate the label, too.

  1. Create a form.

  2. Translate the form.

  3. In the default language, customize the button label from the Settings menu.

  4. Switch to the translated form and repeat the procedure for the translation. You’ll see the flag for the locale you’re translating into next to the Submit Button Label field.

    Follow the same procedure inside the translated form to also translate its Submit button.

When finished, your form has a consistent lexicon across languages.

The button label can be translated.