Licensing DXP in Docker

Licensing DXP in Docker

If you’re using a DXP trial license that’s expiring or you have a new license (activation key) you must install, you can replace your container’s existing license.

Here’s an example license expiration log message:

ERROR [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:?] DXP Development license is expired

Each DXP Docker image contains a temporary trial license (trial-dxp-license-[id-number].xml) that expires one month after the image was created.

Here’s how to replace a license:

  1. Open a Bash shell in your container.

    docker exec -it [container] bash
  2. Remove the existing license files.

    rm /opt/liferay/data/license/*
  3. Remove all trial licenses and activation key files from the OSGi modules folder.

    rm /opt/liferay/osgi/modules/*license*.xml /opt/liferay/osgi/modules/*activation*.xml
  4. Exit the Bash shell.

  5. Copy the new license/key file to the container.

    docker cp [license file] [container]:/opt/liferay/deploy

    Alternatively, if you have associated a bind mount with the container, you can copy the license/key file to the folder mapped to /mnt/liferay/deploy.

    See Providing Files to the Container for more information.

DXP logs the license installation. For example,

INFO  [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:?] License registered for DXP Development
INFO  [][AutoDeployDir:?] Processing trial-dxp-license-123.xml
INFO  [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:?] DXP Development license validation passed
INFO  [fileinstall-directory-watcher][LicenseManager:?] License registered for DXP Development

Congratulations on updating your DXP license!