Activating Liferay DXP

Activating Liferay DXP

Subscription Required

Liferay DXP is activated using an XML (.xml) activation key. It specifies your DXP subscription terms or trial agreement. When you run Liferay DXP for the first time, the license page appears and requests an activation key.

When you run DXP for the first time, it displays the license page.

Activating DXP Using a Key

If you have an activation key, copy it to the deploy folder in your Liferay Home.

    ├── data
    ├── deploy
    │   └── my-license.xml
    ├── license
    ├── logs
    ├── osgi
    ├── patching-tool
    ├── tools
    └── work

A message in the DXP console confirms the registration.

License registered ...

DXP is ready to use.

Need a Key?

If you have an enterprise subscription, visit the Activation Keys page to download an activation key or to request one.

Trying out DXP? Get a 30 day trial activation key.


If you’re using Liferay Connected Services (LCS) with Liferay DXP 7.2 or earlier, see the LCS documentation for instructions on activating your DXP instance with LCS.

Reactivating Liferay DXP

If you have a new DXP activation key and your DXP instance is currently activated by a key or by Liferay Connected Services (LCS), it’s best to remove remnants of the former activation method before deploying your new activation key. This removes any ambiguity as to which activation key you’re using.

Here are the steps for reactivating DXP with your new key:

  1. Stop the application server.

  2. If you’ve been using LCS to activate DXP, remove the Liferay Connected Services Client LPKG file (.lpkg) from your osgi/marketplace folder in your Liferay Home.

  3. Delete the contents of your [Liferay Home]/data/license folder but preserve the folder.

  4. Remove all activation-key-[...].xml files from your [Liferay Home]/osgi/modules folder.

  5. Start the application server.

  6. Copy your new activation key file to your [Liferay Home]/deploy folder.

A DXP console message confirms the registration.

License registered ...

You can continue using DXP.

If you have an enterprise subscription and need further assistance, contact Account Support or create a support ticket.