Mentioning Users

Mentioning Users

Mentioning other users in a DXP asset draws their attention to a particular asset (for example, a message boards thread, blog post, or comment) by sending them a site and email notification and link. To “mention” other users, enter the @ character in front of each user’s user name (@john.smith) in a blog entry, a message boards thread, or comments in any app that supports comments.

Using the Mentions Function in a Message Boards Thread

  1. Navigate to the site page where a Message Boards widget has been deployed.

  2. Click on Add Message.

  3. In the Body field, enter the @ character followed by the first few letters of a person to be mentioned.

    Example from the Messages Boards

  4. The selector displays users who best match the person’s name.

On publishing the content, there is a link to the user’s profile page.

Mentioned users are linked to their user profile page.

Mentioned users receive a site notification and an email informing them that they’ve been mentioned.

Mentioned users receive a notification whenever they are mentioned.

The notification and email indicate the author’s name and content type, and contain links to the content. You can access your notifications by selecting Notifications from your user menu. See Managing Notifications and Requests