Managing Notifications and Requests

Managing Notifications and Requests

Users receive notifications and requests if they have subscribed to a blog or message board or are mentioned in a post. They may also be notified if someone sent them a private message, invitation to join a site, or an event reminder. Lastly, users are notified to review content and asset creation when those activities are used with Liferay’s built-in Workflow capabilities.

To access notifications and requests:

  1. Click your avatar and select Notifications.

    User Avatar and notifications

  2. The Notifications List tab shows all unread notifications. Here, the user was mentioned in a Message Boards comment.

    User Avatar and notifications

Managing Notifications

To manage and sort accumulated notifications:

  1. Click the Filter and Order dropdown menu.

  2. Choose from:

    • All: The default option. Displays both read and unread notifications.

    • Unread: Displays notifications that haven’t been marked as read. Unread notifications are indicated with a blue border on the left-hand side of the notification.

    • Read: Displays notifications that have been marked as read.

    • Date: Order notifications by date.

      Filter and Order menu

By default, notifications are listed by date in descending order. To sort notifications by ascending order, click the up/down arrow icon in the management bar.

To change your notification’s status:

  1. Click the Actions menu (Actions) next to the notification.

    Notification status

  2. Click Mark as Read or Mark as Unread to keep the notification fresh.

  3. Alternately, click Delete to remove the notification completely.

Managing Multiple Notifications

You can also manage multiple notifications at once:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the Filter and Order dropdown menu. This selects all the notification messages.

  2. Several icons appear:

    • Mark as Read (Open Envelope)
    • Mark as Unread (Closed Envelope)
    • Delete (Delete Button)

    Managing Multiple Notification status

Managing Requests to Join a Site

When a user gets a request to join a site, it appears in the Requests List tab. Users have the option to click Confirm to join the site or click Ignore to decline.

Managing Multiple Notification status