Enabling Subscriptions for a Product

Enabling Subscriptions for a Product

With Liferay Commerce, you can create and manage subscriptions for Simple, Grouped, and Virtual Products. Examples of subscriptions include magazines, renewable service contracts, and automatic ordering for regularly consumed items. Commerce provides Payment and Delivery subscriptions out of the box.

Payment and Delivery Subscriptions

A Payment Subscription is analogous to an electricity bill or Netflix subscription. Here, a specific amount is debited from a bank account on a recurring basis to continue services.


Payment Subscriptions can only be enabled when using PayPal or other custom-payment methods that support recurring payments.

A Delivery Subscription is analogous to a magazine subscription. Here, a lump-sum amount is paid upfront and a shipment is created on a recurring basis.

Both Payment Subscriptions and Delivery Subscriptions can be combined for scenarios where an item or a group of items must be shipped out and the customer is billed on a recurring basis for it.


In order to enable subscriptions for a Product, store administrators must activate a payment method that supports recurring payments. By default, Liferay Commerce supports Paypal as a recurring payment method.

Enabling Product Subscriptions

Follow these steps to enable subscriptions for a Product:

  1. Open the Global Menu (Global Menu), click on the Commerce tab, and go to Product ManagementProducts.

  2. Click on the Subscription tab.

    Click on the Product's Subscription tab.

  3. Use the toggle switch to enable Payment Subscription and/or Delivery Subscription.

  4. Use the Subscription Type field to select the subscription’s time unit:

    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year

    If you select Week, Month, or Year, you’ll also have to determine the day on which each unit begins.

  5. Use the Subscription Length field to determine the length of a subscription period.

  6. Use the toggle switch to determine whether the subscription automatically ends.

    Configure the payment subscription.

  7. Click on Publish when finished.

The subscription is now enabled for the selected Product.


Other payment methods can be implemented to support recurring payments. See Implementing a New Payment Method to learn more.

Viewing Subscriptions in Product Details

Subscription details are displayed in a Product’s display page via the Product Details widget.

Payment and Delivery Subscription details are displayed in the Product Detail widget.