Creating a Catalog Page

Creating a Catalog Page

The Catalog page is the primary way for customers to browse, search, and select Channel Products. The following widgets are recommended for the Catalog page: Search Bar, Options Facets, Specification Facet, Category Facet, Sort, and Search Results. To learn more about these and other Commerce widgets, see Widget Reference.

This article documents an example of how to build a Catalog page without using an accelerator.


See the following links to learn more about Site and Page Creation:

Add and Configure the Page

  1. Create a Page using the Widget template.
  2. The 30-70 Column Layout is the default selection. This layout has a narrower left column for the widgets that refine the search and a wider right column for the Search Results widget. Storefront designers can choose different layouts for a different style.

Add the Widgets to the Page

  1. Drag and drop the widgets into the desired positions.
  2. Click the 3-dot icon then Look and Feel Configurations to add or remove the widget titles.

After creating and configuring the page with the widgets, a basic Catalog page might look like this:

Blank Catalog Page

Configure the Search Bar Widget

The Search Bar widget must be configured to display data from the Global site scope. This is because all Products are stored at the global level and not the site level.

  1. Click on the Actions button (Actions Button) for the Search Bar widget, and select Configuration.

    Click on the Actions button for the Search Bar widget, and select Configuration.

  2. Set the widget’s Scope to Everything.

    Set the widget's Scope to Everything.

  3. Click Save.

The Search Bar widget is now configured to display all Channel content.

Displaying the Full Catalog Without a Search (Optional)

Using the Search Options widget, you can configure the Search Results widget to display all Channel Products without requiring a search query. This allows customers to easily browse and filter all Products visible to the Channel.

  1. Click the Configure additional search options in this page in the Search Options widget.

  2. Check the checkbox for Allow Empty Searches.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Close the Configuration window.

Once this option has been enabled, all Channel Products are displayed in the Search Results widget.

When enabled, all Channel Products are displayed in the Search Results widget.

By default, Products are visible across all Channels. However, visibility can be limited to specific Channels. See Configuring Product Visibility Using Channels to learn more.