Managing Workspaces

Managing Workspaces

You can view and change your workspace settings from the settings page. Navigate to SettingsWorkspace SettingsWorkspace.

Workspace Name: The name of your analytics workspace. To change your workspace name, enter a new name and click Save.

Workspace Owner Email: The email address that the workspace is registered with. This cannot be changed.

Data Center Location: The server location that stores your analytics data. This cannot be changed.

Timezone: Analytics reporting is based on the specified timezone. To change the timezone, select your country and appropriate timezone and click Save.

Select and save a new timezone for your analytics reporting.

Note, please allow 1-2 days for the data reporting to adjust to the new timezone.

Friendly URL: Set a friendly URL to share your workspace with others.

Allowable Email Domains: Specify a domain here to allow users with the same email domain to see and request to join the workspace.

Add Incident Report Contacts: Add additional email addresses to be contacted in case of interruptions or incidents. Enter additional email addresses and click Save.