Contact Sync Data Reference

Contact Sync Data Reference

When you Sync Contacts from your Liferay Instance, you can choose different fields from the Contacts table and the User table.

Fields are selected from the contacts table and the user table.

In addition to these tables and fields, there are other user associated data that are also synced.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can extend many of Liferay’s assets and resources, including users or organizations. The following custom fields are synced:

Attribute Description
columnId Numeric identifier of the custom field
className Reference to which entity (i.e. User, Organization) the custom field belongs to
dataType Type of the data value the custom field refers to
displayType Type of data value the custom field presents
name Name of the custom field


Users can belong to different Organizations in Liferay. Organizations can have their own sites as well as their own roles and permissions. Organizations can have sub-organizations under a parent organization. The following organization fields are synced:

Attribute Description
organizationId Numeric identifier of the Organization
organizationType Type of the Organization
name Name of the Organization
parentOrganizationId Numeric identifier of the parent Organization as Organization can be hierarchical
parentOrganizationName Name of the parent Organization
treePath The hierarchical path to the Organization


Users can be given different Roles in Liferay. Roles can be created and managed to have different levels of permissions. The following role fields are synced:

Attribute Description
roleId - Numeric identifier of the Role
Name Name of the Role


Users can also belong to Teams. Users are brought together into a team within a single site for site-specific functions. The following team fields are synced:

Attribute Description
teamId Numeric identifier of the Team
Name Name of the Team

User Groups

User Groups are users who may be from different organizations, who are grouped together for a specific purpose. The following user group fields are synced:

Attribute Description
userGroupId Numeric identifier of the User Group
Name Name of the User Group

User Group Sites

User Group Sites are pages added to group members’ personal sites. The following user group sites fields are synced:

Attribute Description
GroupId Numeric identifier of the Site
Name Name of the DXP Site